Quality and Excellence

Cost savings and a willingness to work as a team with our Customers has allow Mid-West Screw Products to be a key player in supplying various Industries their machining needs. For over sixty years not to mention two generations and still going strong. Staying on top of sophistication with our state of the art equipment keeps us competitive.

Maintaining the older mechanical equipment while also having the most modern CNC’s allows us to choose how your part needs to be run. Having both types of equipment we can become very cost efficient and cost affective. Mid-West will work hard to become one of your best Suppliers and strive for Quality and Excellence everyday.


Equipment List

To satisfy your curiosity We have supplied a complete Equipment and Department list for your review. Know what we have to offer my make your decision easier!


Close-Up TV News

A short video presentation Can be seen about us that was filmed by Close-Up TV News. It has Aired on Cable and can be seen on any Major Airline from time to time!


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